Win Your Welcome Bonus Back

When signing up for a new casino site, it is fair to say that the opening gift can seem a bit standard. Looking across a number of sites, it is easy to see that the no deposit initial bonus and then the matched bonus is a standard welcome on so many sites and of course, this isn’t a bad thing. It is a standard gift because it obviously works and players like this style of offer. However, it can be nice to get something different now and again and this is why a casino site that is able to provide something out of the ordinary will stand out from the crowd and have a better chance of welcoming players to the site.

One of the best ways of welcoming a player to a casino site with a twist is through offering players the chance to win their bonus. This may sound a little bit whacky compared to the usual offerings but what better way to get to know a site than by playing the games and taking away the winnings. This ensures a player is committed from the first time they play the games and also ensures that they give the games a right good going over in order to try and make as much money from them as possible. If you are looking for a great introduction to a site, it would be hard to find a better one that the win your own bonus promotion!

Many casino sites will provide players with $500 to play with and any winnings that are made will then be placed into the players account when the original money is used up or when an allotted time period is over. Some casino sites place a one hour time limit on this style of promotion which can really add to the sense of excitement and drama for players. If you know that you only have one hour to make your money, you are going to be fairly focused in playing the game. Again, if a casino site is confident in the fact that they provide great games, this is going to be something that will be very appealing to them and will leave players with a positive first impression of the site.

If nothing else, players will feel as though they really earned the bonus they pick up, which again can be an important factor. There is no doubt that casino players take pride in playing well and picking up money, so if you are looking for way to feel great about yourself and a site, this could well be the best way to pick up a bonus. Some casino players will prefer to have the money directly into their account but for those players with a sense of flair and excitement, this is likely to be one of the best ways to get to know a new casino site and to pick up some money along the way.