What Are Your 5 Top Slot Games

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When it comes to slots, many casino players will have their favorite game or style of game. This can often be a personal choice, and if you have a machine that you have won a few times on, you are likely to find this machine is a firm favorite (as opposed to others that may be technically better but you have lost on). However, there is a focus and desire to create lists in this day and age, and that is why so many people are keen to name their five top slot games.

It would be fair to say that progressive slots are amongst the favorites for many people. These slots have a low likelihood of winning, but for some players, the hope and expectation are the most important issues when it comes to playing in a casino. There can be huge jackpot prizes associated with progressive slots, which is what keeps players coming back for more. It is not too likely that people will get excited about the chance of winning two or three times their initial stake, but anything which promises a huge return for their money has to be considered of interest. For this reason alone, there is always going to be a great interest in progressive jackpot slots.

Three reel slots are the most traditional slots to be found, and if you developed a love for slots many years ago, this will still be the game that catches your eye. There are new three reel slots variations that provide more chances to win, and link to the other features like bonuses and multiple pay-lines. However, for many casino fans, the appeal of the traditional three reel slot will always remain.

For some though, progress is what matters, and the five reel slot provides many players with what they are looking for. Having more chances to win is always going to be something that is of benefit to players so you can see why this style of slot is picking up considerable interest for slots players.

Grabbing a bonus in life is always nice, and this is possibly why bonus slots are so popular amongst so many slots players. These games play out like the traditional sense of slots games, but at certain points in the game, bonuses can be triggered, giving players the chance to try out other games and grab the benefits on offer. These bonus prizes usually involve free spins or additional cash, which are very appealing to casino players.

A recent addition to the slots arsenal would be the multi pay line online slots games, which can provide up to 100 different ways of being a winner. If your main reason for playing online slots games is to be a winner, this is going to be the game that you love to play. No matter what type of online casino game you like to play, there will definitely be something of interest for you.