Top 5 Casino Games

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The fact that there are so many casino games to choose from can make it quite difficult to narrow down a list of favorites. There will be times when a certain mood takes you and you will fancy playing a particular game. However, over time, players will gravitate towards certain games in the casino and these games are likely to be the 5 games that players keep coming back to play.

Roulette. Everyone knows about the roulette wheel and can happily wager a red or black bet at the roulette table. The simplicity of the game is matched by the drama and tension when the ball starts to spin but it is a game that is open to everyone. The more adventurous gambler will love the inside bets on the roulette table but the novice player will enjoy the outside table bets.

Poker. Poker is huge at the moment with so many people all around the world taking an interest in it. There is no doubt that online poker has created many new poker players and games like Texas Hold ‘Em are very easy to start playing but of course, difficult to master. Anyone looking for a more challenging poker experience will be able to play games like Pai Gow poker to increase the excitement levels.

Baccarat is a card game that many people associate with James Bond, which adds a touch of class to the game. The history of baccarat can be traced back to Italy in the 15th century though and again, it is a simple game to play. Bets can be placed on the player or the banker, with the house edge for the player standing at 1.63% while the banker house edge stands at 1.17%.

Blackjack is an immensely popular game and one that some people have played all of their life. It is easy to see that blackjack is a good way to develop mathematical skills but when you play in a casino, the aim is to edge out the dealer in a race to get 21! This is one of the most popular games you can find in a casino and regularly features amongst the most played online casino games as well.

Slots are the most played game in the casino and even though players don’t need to the same level of skill to win on this game, it can still be a challenge. Slots are very affordable and the games can be played very quickly, allowing players to rack up a number of games in a short space of time. There are also lots of opportunities for players to win big money, which is down to the progressive jackpots which are available in many casinos. It may seem a strange choice for top casino game to an outside player but there is no doubt that slots bring many benefits to so many people around the world.