Examining The Different Types Of Slots

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It may seem like there are a million different type of slots to play, but don’t be fooled by the wide variety of licensed games and different graphics and colors used. At the very heart of the wide variety of slots lies a select number of games, all of which carry their own range of benefits and features. There are two main types of slots, straight slots and progressive slots. Choosing between them both can often come down to personal preference and depending on your personality or nature, one of these games may be more attractive.

The straight slots carry a wider range of alternatives and these are the most common games to be found. The straight slots carry a lower level of prize money and there is a jackpot commonly associated with these games. If you get the jackpot, you are the winner and the jackpot is calculated using a pay-out schedule. This pay-out schedule is calculated on the outside of the machine for players to see and many players like this style of slots because the likelihood of winning is higher for this style of game. Many players are happier to win more often and take a reasonable amount of money rather than hoping to win a massive prize that would change their life forever.

Some of the different straight slots include the single line slots, which covers all of the classic slot games with the three reels and single one pay-line. These are the slots that most people know and love. Bonus slots are not that different from straight slots but they do provide at least an additional game on top of the standard slot action. If you are able to trigger the bonus, you are taken to a mini game which plays out before returning the player back to the standard slots game.

Feature slots provide added bonuses and benefits to the game with increased twists and options. You will usually see wilds, scatters, bonus rounds and multipliers included in these games. The incentives of these games usually include free spins or sometimes more money. This is a major factor in why so many players choose this type of game.

Multi-line slots will usually have a number of different pay-lines and will commonly have more than three reels for players to choose. There can be up to 9 reels and around 50 different pay-lines on some games which can be a bewildering amount for some players!

The progressive slots are different with a number of slot machines all linked together on a single network, creating a much bigger collective and therefore a much bigger prize. The jackpot calculation is determined on the array of contributions that are made by the players on all of the slots on the shared network. Once a jackpot has been reached, the games restart and the accumulation for the next jackpot begins. Some slots players have a preference between the two whereas others will jump between both of the games to have more variety in their casino fun!